Managed IT Services for Stable and Reliably Evolving IT Environment

Managed IT services are aimed at handing over your IT operations to a third-party IT services provider, which takes responsibility to ensure high efficiency and timely improvement of your IT environment and processes within it.

Managed IT services by Smart Softwarebacked with 12 years of experience in ITSM span the all-round support for cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures and include consulting and migration services for proactive IT evolution.

Do IT Operations Drain Your Resources?

Let us reverse the situation! From the support of daily operations to the assistance in digital transformation and implementation of novel technology, our IT outsourcing services are a cost-effective way of increasing business performance.

IT Infrastructure Components Our Managed IT Services Tackle
Deliverables of Smart Software’s Managed IT Services

Increased IT services and infrastructure efficiency supported by:

  • Network diagrams
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Configuration management database
  • Implementation plan for infrastructure improvements
  • Documented operating procedures

Transparent service:

  • Regular service reports
  • Quarterly maintenance reports (performance, security, capacity, issues, patching, backups)
  • Health check reports
  • Security audit reports
  • Incident reports

CSAT and user adoption rate improvement via:

  • Surveys and action points based on the assessment results
  • Training materials for users

Compliance with industry standards: via:

  • Regulatory compliance reports

Cost-effective user support with: via:

  • Knowledge base articles
  • FAQ
  • User guides
Why Choose Smart Software
  • 31 years in IT services.
  • 12 years of experience in ITSM
  • ITIL personnel holding ITSM-related certificates.
  • More than 7 years in applying DevOps practices.
  • More than 700 IT specialists including Microsoft Certified Professionals, AWS Certified Solutions Architects, AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, AWS Technical Professionals, Red Hat Certified System Administrators.
Your Questions about Managed Services Answered

How do I know if my IT infrastructure costs may be reduced?

Smart Softwareadheres to strict security policies and applies in-house security management systems ensuring 24/7 security monitoring to prevent unsolicited access and ransomware threats to sensitive data.

How can a managed service provider guarantee against premature service termination?

Our contracts provide for a substantial transition period so that no potential abrupt termination may occur. As a rule, we deliver managed services to customers for several years, 10+ years in some cases.

How do I know if my IT infrastructure costs may be reduced?

We analyze the current state of your IT infrastructure to see the potential for its improvement and compare the TCO of your IT infrastructure managed in-house vs. by Smart Software.

See Our Managed Services Delivered!

A B2C ecommerce portal demo

In B2C ecommerce portals, customers value personalized and frictionless experience across the digital channels.


A B2B ecommerce portal demo

In B2B ecommerce portals, buyers value convenient self-service tools to place and manage their bulk orders.


Our Service Packages


Get your infrastructure continuously supported and optimized:


Includes the Basic package and assistance with new infrastructure initiatives:

  • Analyzing problems in IT infrastructure and providing recommendations
  • Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components
  • Designing CI/CD pipelines
  • Advising on security improvement using the SecOps approach

Extended Plus

Includes the Extended package and modernization of your IT infrastructure:

  • Application and data warehouse migration to cloud
  • Integration of cloud and on-premises apps
  • Infrastructure and app evolution:
    • Introduction of minor fixes and major updates
    • Customizations and integrations with SaaS products
    • App delivery automaion
How much will it cost?

We provide customizable packages of managed IT services (a client can choose any components and services) with flexible pricing.​​ The subscription fee for managed IT services is affected by the following factors:

  • IT infrastructure type (cloud, on-premises).
  • IT infrastructure complexity.
  • Scope of infrastructure projects.
  • Support package (time coverage, number of issues included).
  • SLO (target KPIs).

We will be pleased to provide an estimate for you.

What Managed IT Services Bring to Our Customers

Opting for a managed services provider who will maintain and proactively improve your IT infrastructure is a reasonable step to get tangible gains sooner. Let the numbers speak:


infrastructure support costs


increase in software development speed


regulatory compliance of the IT infrastructure

Start Improving Your IT Infrastructure NOW!

Smart Software’s professionals will keep your IT infrastructure reliable and highly efficient 24/7 to let you focus on the strategic decisions only.